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ICT Program

As you can imagine, large companies like Google or IBM routinely transfer their employees to
Canada. But did you know that this route is available to small and medium size businesses as

In fact, if you are the owner of a small business desirous of setting up operations in Canada, one
of the quickest routes could be to simply transfer yourself to open an office of your own
company in Canada.

This is the Intra Company Transfer route or ICT.
The ICT is a work permit program, which opens up routes to PR once you have gained a year of
Canadian experience.

To qualify,
- Your home country company would typically be in existence for over 2 years.
- Have revenues of over $200,000.
- Be able to invest $100,000+ into Canada to open operations and hire at least one
- And you need to show why you are the right individual to open this office for your

Pre-covid, ICT applications were approved in as quickly as 2 weeks. Nowadays, it depends on
your country of residence, but is usually approximately in the 4-month range.

Other advantages include:
- No labor market impact assessment
- The ability to set up operations in any province
- Your spouse can get an open work permit so they can take up a job if they so desired
- Your children can access free education until high school level

If you want to know if you are eligible, connect with me to conduct an evaluation of your

Yalla Canada!

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